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Hello OXTORD games can i maybe get the ++ Version for free because i like this game and did only one ending and i really want to play it and i dont have things like PayPal??

That game's so cool lol

When will Mr.LemonS be released?:)

ı'm turkis

Turkish ovospu coco

great game

Is there a option to get the ++ version for free??:)

Currently - no. But after the release of Ms.LemonS there will be some access-key giveaways!

Ahh is Mr.LemonS the new game ok

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“some access-key giveaways”?

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What that?

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does mrtomatos++ only add restart button? If so it doesn't really sound worth it for 5 dollars

Yes, it only adds the restart button, but you don't need to buy it to play the game and fully enjoy it. 

Will you release another game and if yea then when?

How to get the payed version?

You need to buy it

Ok what is the difference between free and payed?And a last question is the game safe can i download it or can it crash your system or is this just for fun?

The difference is: you can reset the progress in Mr.TomatoS++ to play the game again

And yes, this game is safe and can't crash your system, or harm it in any way, shape, or form!)

hey OXTORD games i really enjoy the game and im wating for the lemon thing

Ever since I made his anger go up to 10, every time I open the game it shows the warning screen then closes. I have tried deleting it and re downloading it but nothing I've tried has worked. There are also no youtube tutorials on this problem so can somebody tell me what the heck is going on.

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You can to

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But it Chinese.

Detailed tutorials are available on

Deleted 4 days ago

You should buy ''MrTomatoS++''.

great game. shit my pants tho 10/10


guys is it safe to play because i think it spread virus



wait what


its just a donate thing

its free

you don’t need to  buy it


guys i cant install ++ because my parents dont allow me to spend a single penny

Bro just put the price to 0 dollars and EZ GAME DOWNLOAD

This game is absolutely awesome! The design and the flash style game really adds to the somewhat nostalgic yet scary aura? Overall an amazing game, can't wait for Ms.Lemons to come out :)

am interested send me a message on Google chat


i played this game

but i scared

good job


I played the game but I lost, then i opened it and it showed me some kind of message. I cant open it and play it anymore. How to reset the progress? (Not In Mr. TomatoS++)

Delete it and redownload

dident work

Deleted 4 days ago
Deleted 4 days ago

So i played this game on my channel Hidden Guild and i loved the game but after playing it once and get kicked out for making him mad. I was not able to play the game anymore so please tell me how can i replay it 

delete the game and re-download the game but in the ++ version it restarts every time you get him mad


the game could be a virus youtube TFG played the game and creepy in a ved


just because its creepy doesnt mean its a virus lol

What game engine did you used when making this?

Hello,OXTOR games.How do I email you? I want a fixed version,too.


email me at:

I've already emailed you.


Can i have a bone

Can i have the chicken

Can i have the pumpkin spice extra latae extraa cream starbucks stravaganza drink.

text me on Google chat



paid 6 dollars, no sound and nothing on table.


Email me, i will send you a fixed version


mr tomatoes is like a mr pumpkin but scary

lol im dying


How to play Mr. TomatoS in windowed mode with my own size for the window?
Because the games are laggy in fullscreen!

You can try to press + or - on your keyboard to change your resolution

thanks for the advice :)

This game is great. It's very happy to be with Mr. Tomato.


Ever since playing this,  i prefer potatoes over tomatoes


And nothing will happen if you download?


When I open it I get the warning screen and it stop's running.

can any one help me out?

Same here!

imma delete and never redownload it cuz its really bad. and i cant play the game again

you cant play again cuz you need mr.tomatos++ its 5 $

i opened up the mmf app and there was nothing there not a points anger it was just blank ive redownloaded too anyone that know how to fix it?


Help how do I play again whenever I open the window after the warning it closes pls help

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